Monday, 16 July 2012

More Adventures with Polymer Clay

Well it’s been more than a week since I last blogged, mainly because the weather here was so bad (and still is) with constant rain, it has affected my internet badly. Whenever I tried to call BT to get it fixed, I got a repeated message that due to adverse weather conditions there have been severe problems with broadband in my area. Finally it came back to stay yesterday.

So, while I’ve been lacking internet, bar the times I was constantly reconfiguring my broadband to get about 15 minutes of slow internet until it all went off again, therefore lacking in communication with the outside world unless I sat on the bus and waited for the obligatory nutter to sit next to me and start chatting, I’ve been playing with my polymer clay.

Not much is ready to sell yet, I don’t feel it’s good enough, but I have to say the prototypes do look pretty darn good.

One thing has arrived in my Etsy shop though, this gorgeous leafy necklace in Autumn colours, with a cluster of purple and gold firepolish crystals to look like grapes. Needless to say, anyone that knows me would know the first name that sprung to mind was ‘Merlot’ after my favourite wine! Can’t think why…

My canes are coming along well too, and with my nearly successful leaf cane, which I still managed to distort a bit in the process of reducing, I made some earrings which are also in my Etsy shop, and a pod pendant which will be available in August in the Folksy shop.

I then spotted some tile bracelets while looking around so I decided to give those a go. I got the technique a bit wrong, so they tiles came out a bit…errr….rustic, but the right idea was there, and I’m very pleased with the result. However it looked better in real life than in the photos which showed up every single wobble and fault and seemed to exaggerate it, so that’s another piece that won’t be going on sale. Lots of research later, and I’ve found the right method, so that’s what I’ll be working on today hopefully.

Lots of buttons have appeared too, some with leftover clay, and some deliberately made using methods I’ve picked up from various places across the internet. I especially like the ones I made from a rose cane, which I really enjoyed making. I haven’t got any photos of those yet, as yet again the clouds rushed over and everything just got to dark.


  1. Hello, I have popped across from the Folksy Blog thread to have a read. I love your polymer clay jewellery. It is beautiful! I liked your tile bracelet. I haven't got the hang of making tile bracelets yet but I will keep trying!

    Sarah xx

  2. Hello Sarah, it took me a couple of goes, but there's a good tut on you-tube which helped a lot in getting it right (that and a pack of cocktail sticks hehe)

    T xx