Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's All About Love!

So, it’s mid January, and St Valentine’s Day is merely a month away. I always think Valentine’s cheers us up as one of the first Spring rituals, so the seasons are moving on. But who was Valentine?

There are several stories associated with this day, not least the fact that there may be three St Valentines, all of whom were martyrd for their cause, and all could be associated with the Romance to which we attach his day. One popular theory is that Valentine was a third century priest, who, during the reign of Claudius II who had banned marriage in the belief that unmarried men made better soldiers, defied this ban and continued to perform marriages, and was put to death.

Another story was possibly of the same person, who, while in gaol awaiting his death, had fallen in love with the gaoler’s daughter, who visited him, and before his death wrote her a letter signing it, ‘from your Valentine’.

The date could be from the date of his death, or it could coincide with the Roman festival of fertility called Lupercalia, in an attempt to ‘Christianise’ a pagan rite. Over the centuries, St Valentine’s Day has held a strong association with love and romance…and of course, marriage proposals!

The strong symbol of romance is of course the heart, and this, along with flowers is widely recognised as the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. (along with wine, chocolate and so on) We see many, many hearts along our High streets at this time of year, but a handmade heart just cannot be beaten for a personal, extra special and unique gift for your loved one. Here is a selection from Folksy. I hope you like them.

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