Sunday, 16 February 2014

Shop of the Week no. 18 JOYfilled Designs

This week, Denise from Hanover Merry Makers has chosen this treasury as her favourite.

I ambled in to Jennifer's shop and felt like a kid in a sweetshop again. The beautiful colours, and appealing designs are simply gorgeous. It made me want to get hold of every item and hang or pin it up somewhere in the house...I'd have them everywhere.

So let's find out more about Jennifer and her shop JOYfilled Designs.

   Tell us a little about yourself and your work
I can never remember a time when creating was NOT part of who I am. I grew up in a creative family with both my father and grandmother being artists in their own rights, and happy to keep me supported with any and every medium available. From yarn and thread to charcoals and watercolours, I took to all of them with equal enthusiasm. I work full time as a licensed artist and in my spare time, I enjoy crocheting, embroidery and crafting with felt, which is what prompted me to open JOYfilled Designs. Whether in my art of in my crafting, I am most drawn to creating whimsical pieces in bright, cheerful colours. Aside from art, I am desperately in love with my ‘mountain man’ husband, 2 grown sons, and the Lord.

2.    What inspires your work?

Inspiration comes to me in a multitude of ways. Sometimes it’s from a passage in whatever book I am currently reading, sometimes it’s colours and patterns I’ve seen throughout the day, sometimes inspiration comes from the funny stories my 6 year old niece likes to tell. I then like to put my spin on it and try to come up with something that will make others smile!

  What are your favourite colours? 
Right now I am obsessed with the combination of orange and pink together, but mainly I love all colours.
4.    What is your favourite medium/material?
Wool blend felt is my new favourite medium in my crafting. I just love the way it feels in my hand and how beautifully it stitches up!

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I love the beach and I love the woods – wherever I can sneak away to for a few days with my husband is my favourite place to be.

6.    What other artists work to you admire and aspire to?
I love the work of Mary Engelbreit, Debbie Mumm, Pat Yuille, and here on Etsy, I greatly admire Gingermelon Designs and her whimsical characters.
I only aspire to learn what I can from those around me and be the most authentic ME I can be.

  What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my children and the wonderful young men they’ve become. I am proud to be the wife of Eric and thankful for his continued love and support of my creativity. And I feel blessed to be able to work at what I love – creating things to brighten the days of others.

Thank you Jennifer, for taking part. To visit Jennifer's shop and see for yourself, click HERE.


  1. Thank you SO much for the post!! ♥
    Jenn (JOYfilled Designs)

  2. I love Denise' shop and her creations, thank you for sharing her shop with me. Your blog is wonderful and I am so glad I found it!!!