Thursday, 21 June 2012


This bracelet, named after another Ancient Celtic Goddess, is the second of my bead embroidery pieces, and one I'm particularly proud of. Here I have recorded progress as I went along. Now I've made much more since, I realise that designing on paper and sticking exactly to that design is just not going to happen. I have a rough idea of what I want, draw it out on paper but while making it up, it takes on a will of it's own, and never turns out quite how I originally intended.

That's not a bad thing though, as the results turn out better than I first envisaged! Here's what I mean. First the rough design, drawn in my notebook, along with the finished cuff.

As you can see, similar, but not quite the original design. So here's how the progress was made.

From the design, the pattern was marked out on the base, and the blue lace agate cabochon glued on, and once dry, I began beading aroud it.

Once the cabochon was fully bezelled with beads, I then began adding more elements, like these dyed rivershell peardrop beads, which were just the job for this project.

Now this is where the design began to go it's own way and ignore my paper draft. There wasn't room for the pearls above and below the cabochon, so these were left out, and blue firepolish crystals added instead. Also the original design had a rivoli at each end, but again, I'd miscalculated the measurements, so I added the pearls there instead.

One end complete, now to do the other end to match.

Progress being made at the other end...

Finally, to fix the backing felt, trim as close as I dare to the beads, being careful not to snip the threads, and bead the edges together to make a neat finish. Add a toggle closure and...

                                                  And here it is....tadahhh!

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