Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Crafting Area...or a cluttered corner!

You don't have to have a specially equipped room, full of perfect shelves, the desk, cabinets, work surfaces, a space you can completely call your own, where nobody disturbs you, where there is enough light all day for you to craft for as long as you want, and a hubby to bring you tea every hour, cook dinner, clean house....Oh I'm dreaming again, sorry about that.

Of course, we'd all love to have all of the above, but I bet few of us have it. My work area? Well, if we have guests it becomes a dining table.  I live in a very small flat with my partner. The layout of the furniture is now in a squashed-up-against-the-wall style to make way for his wheelchair. (It's what I call living on the edge) but my space in the kitchen is mine...all mine, sometimes, unless the weather is dull, then he needs light too, so it's shared. It's my little round kitchen/dining table. It sits in a big bay window, which I love. I can sit there beading in excellent light, watching the world (well, mainly double decker buses) go by, listen to the birds in the small patch of urban woods behind us, and actually NOT be in my partner's way. It's a small space, but it works for me.

In winter days, when daylight is short and nights are long, I do sit in the living room with my beading tray on my lap, struggling by the lamp, but I love the days when I can sit in the bay window and just allow my creations to take shape.

Here it is, between projects, as there's not a chance you'd see the actual table if I was working on becomes much more cluttered in a sort of organised chaos way.


  1. Hi Teresa, your workspace sounds just like mine! Would you be interested in adding it to my craftspace link party?
    It's pretty straight forward! Vic, new follower:)

  2. Thanks Vic, I've joined the partehhh!

    Teresa x