Saturday, 23 February 2013

Memory, Eggs and Zen..

As I sit here ready to write this week’s post, my mind has gone blank. What’s happened this week? What did I do? What can I write about?

I got the dates muddled up with my grandaughter’s birthday for one. It was on Monday, but for some reason, I had 27th February in my head, which I now realise of course, it’s my daughter-in-law’s birthday then, Bethany’s had gone. I quickly wrote her card out, which I got weeks ago, popped in a note apologising, and some money to treat herself with, and now I wait to see if it arrives safely. That’s the problem when you live so far away from them I suppose. So happy belated 12th birthday Bethany xx

Talking of memory, years ago, I had a marble egg. It was about the same size as a normal hen’s egg, and I had bought it in preparation for our attempt at keeping hens, to encourage them to lay eggs of their own. It was never used for that, as we never got the hens. Instead it sat in my cabinet for years as an ornament. A very attractive one mind.

So, when I started covering eggs, not only did I do them with cane slices, but also a couple were done in some mokume gane patterend clay, which look incredibly ‘marbly’ if that’s a word, which I doubt! So, four more eggs were done this week, which l’m pleased with. However having listed some of them, I’m seriously having some self-doubt now. Having looked around the www, I’ve now seen that those who have done similar, have had them on sale for three years or more, and sold very few. So I don’t think I’ll be doing any more just yet. Maybe they are not as collectible as I first thought. Anyway, here they are…

I’ve made plenty of beads this week too, but I have yet to make them up into jewellery. I practised a new kind of kaleidoscope cane, and applied it to the beads, and I must say the effect is very nice. It was only a small cane, so it’s all used up now, but I’ll be making more in a similar style if this one goes well. There will be photos next week.

A little sneaky hint of what else is to come. I took delivery of some blank pill boxes and compact mirrors this morning. Those are destined for my clay, and I can’t wait to get started. First though I must get those beads put together, and have a good sort out, I’ve lost a pack of plastic bags which I store my made jewellery in while waiting to find it a home, and I just know they’re under there somewhere.

Oh! I nearly forgot. (What is wrong with my memory this week?),  I’ve discovered something new, which is my latest obsession. Zendoodling. I’ve seen a local artist talking about it all over Facebook, and thought, oh yeah? Hmmmm! Very complex drawing and patterns etc. Then I came across someone’s blog, I can’t remember who, but she said she remembered doing exactly that when she was at school years ago, and was amazed it’s now a very popular art form, and gave it a go. Then, my memory cogs really started to churn as I remembered similar doodles I did when I was at school, in fact I got in trouble because my maths exercise book was covered in them, and they were all that sort of thing.

So, I’ve dragged out my fine pens, my sketchbook, and researched on the net, played and experimented with some of the patterns in various free tutorials and you-tube videos, just to pick up any techniques. Once that was done, I made a few of my own…and I have to say, I’m pleased with them, though they are not a patch on the real artists. I have no idea what I will do with them yet, though I think one may be framed and placed on the empty space on the wall in my bathroom. What do you think?
Zendoodle flower

Crounching Tiger Hidden Cat. (can you see it?)


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