Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pendants, Posties and Petholes

With the variable weather we’ve had this week, I was somewhat surprised to look out of the window yesterday morning to see the postman in shorts! Considering it’s still frosty at night, only two days ago we had yet more snow, the sun wasn’t that warm, and certainly not warm enough to start sorting out the summer wardrobe, but there he was, legs exposed, happily marching along. I had to check that he didn’t have sandals on too!

While I was looking, a sight even worse hit me. A mass of holes and little heaps of soil have appeared all around the garden. My cat, it seems, has turned into a mole of sorts. Ok I know the builders did the outside with the ramp etc., leaving areas of fresh topsoil, and I knew this would be rearranged by said cat, but he seems to have become addicted to digging. Is he looking for the cat version of Richard III I wonder? Look at him, butter wouldn't melt!

Besides this, it’s been a quiet week here, and frankly I’ve been thoroughly spoilt this week. On Sunday my partner cooked roast beef, and all the trimmings, leaving me free to work with my clay, and again on Thursday, Valentines Day, I had flowers and champagne chocolates delivered, and a steak dinner cooked for me. He’s really found his way round the kitchen and is really happy to be able to cook again. Being in a wheelchair, on only one leg, he has to do some things differently, but he’s found a way and now just gets on with it with confidence. Quite different from the first meal he cooked since his amputation, scrambled eggs on toast. I don’t know who was more nervous, me or him!

So while I’ve been getting spoilt, I’ve made all these pendants, using up some of the clay cabochons I’ve made at the end of various projects.

 These pendants take about two hours to make, with lots of swirls, and the usual leaves and so on. 

 I've made some a little less arty and just had fun with swirls.
I have to admit though I do like the arty ones, they are enormous fun to make and the end product is stunning.
 The different shapes and textures you can achieve on the same basic foundation is endless.

Using pearl powders, gently brushed on to the surfaces can have a dramatic effect on the finish of the clay, with some given an antique patina, others changing the colour completely. Most will give a metallic sheen to the clay which adds more interest. These are very tactile pendants too, try NOT tracing the swirls with your finger.

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